"Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going." - Sam Levenson

The clock keeps moving, regardless. So do what it does and keep going. Don't become stagnate. Move forward to accomplish your goals even when you're sad or struggling; the clock will never stop and neither should you.
I know our world loves to glorify finished products. We see posts on social media showcasing new homes, cars, relationship goals, degrees and successful businesses but we don't see the journey that person had to endure to get to that place. Many times we start to compare and feel like giving up because we don't think we have time to accomplish our goals.
I'm here to encourage you to keep going & stop watching the clock and comparing your journey to others. Don’t let the negative circumstances around you keep you from achieving your goals and purpose. 
When you think there's not enough time, no way out, don't close off from the world and sit somewhere  dwelling in fear, intimidation, doubt,  and discouragement. When you do that, those doubts, fears, intimidation and discouragement will echo louder and louder in your mind making your goals, dreams and purpose seem harder to achieve. That place becomes darker and it may seem like there's no way to accomplish anything.
However,  When you decide to rise and take small steps, you will see that you're one step closer than you were before. That's why we can't afford to sit around playing the victim game, and  feeling sorry for ourselves. 
You have to get up in life, stop watching and comparing while time passes by.  It may not be easy to get to where you want to go but sitting back is not helping you get there any faster. 
Sometimes you have to encourage yourself, and get up. GET UP, GET DRESS, jot down your plans and make the vision clear then start moving. Even if the steps are small, at least you're taking steps to accomplish your goals. 
I'm praying for you to move like the clock and find the strength to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances are around you.
You got this Brookbabe 
xoxo EbrookLael 

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  • Yunai Thedove

    Thank you so much for this.. It was a timely message

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